Hello there and thanks for stopping by. My name is Evie and I’m a stylist, photographer and interior design lover living in Newquay, Cornwall. I’ve spent the last twelve years travelling the world, and have finally found home on this Cornish coastline.
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I spent many years in Costa Rica and Central America where I ran a surf camp, before then moving to Spain where I designed and managed a bar and restaurant. Managing a team and moving in high pressure environments are all very natural for me.
Working as a stylist and photographer on high pressure shoots really get me going, as well as the creativity that goes into the making of beautiful imagery. I studied photography growing up, and it’s always been a huge passion for me. Interior design is something that I studied online alongside my other projects. I’ve moved around a lot, and wherever I’ve landed I have always, very quickly, made the house a homely and invigorating space to be in.
I have completely renovated a bar and restaurant in Spain, and a rental apartment. I have more recently designed my own two bedroom flat in Newquay, two office spaces in Newquay, and I’ve been helping style a three bed house on Pentire.
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Gaining knowledge from these experiences has left me hungry for more and so excited to share my style, helping fellow home owners and rental properties achieve a wow factor that they deserve. I spend any free time I have surfing, so I’m a happy happy girl ready to inject all my energy and creativity into brands, people and homes alike.
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Evie Johnstone, photographer, stylist, surfer and traveller, is no Instagram-filtered cliche success. She is the real deal, brimming with vivacity, true grit and a fire in her belly like few others.  Her positive energy is undeniably infectious; she sees potential everywhere and truly lives by the notion that almost anything is possible if you throw time, passion and sheer determination at it.  

She is most likely to be found driving around the South from one interior styling project to another, car full of antique reclamation treasures for the next shoot and the ‘just-in-case’ wetsuit. Flecks of paint from decorating her studio spatter her sun-kissed beach hair; her piercing blue eyes are bright with ideas and her gutsy laugh is fuelled by her wicked sense of humour and joie de vivre. 
— Sailaway Dress Company